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By Carl Bluemel

No murals may be completely
understood until we all know the way it was
created. for this reason an unfinished painting
or sculpture frequently exhibits revealing
features that are misplaced within the finished
work. vintage statues are almost
incomprehensible to us in their
technique as the maximum effects
are right here accomplished by means of the smallest means.
The current textual content explains in a lucid and
always fascinating means how the Greek
sculptors produced their works. The
illustrations, more often than not from unfinished
sculptures, convey using the
different instruments and make it transparent how the
artist proceeded from the first
inspiration to the final stroke. This book
gives a deeper perception into Greek art
than many a cumbersome text-book.

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This simple means of establishing measuring points, though is a and horizontal measure- transfers the vertical not, of course, a very accurate one, since the plumb-line may easily move during the operation. Ancient sculptors were also familiar with plumb-line. An early Greek gem New York, represents hand there is a naked a small stick of the Herm, while and his left now in the Metropolitan Museum, (33), man method of measuring by this seated before a line it. This picture certainly represents a sculptor model in some work upon at cornelian in the Gotha Collection (35) A even is Another plumb-line hangs over on a clay model on sculptor, who line the modelling block.

The sculptor also uses a bull-nosed chisel, grooves in the stone when which makes shallow, rounded the rounded cutting edge 28 is applied obliquely. 21. HEAD OF APOLLO, troiii the wcst pcdiniciu at Olympia, Olympia. C. Museum Crinkly hair or the regular, tine folds in drapery of female statues were sometimes worked with upon naked parts this tool. of the body with But the sculptor would never work this form of chisel; these he modelled no change in the use exclusively with the point and the claw-chisel.

A drill of kind enables the sculptor to penetrate better than with any point into deep folds and makes under-cutting possible. The draperies The reel. was handled. wooden box the lid of a represents the tool with on later fussy, complex Greek sculptures could not have been cut otherwise. use of the drill was continually extended for undercutting drapery, but to divide eyehds, and in reliefs it being made, so as to 32 it was adopted not only up strands of hair, was sometimes used accent the outlines.

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