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Tokeepthe themwiththebuckles before locking themin place(above). :l o I I I I I I IAB RABBETGROO\TE, ATDDADOIONTS t I I I I I t I I t t t I I I I I I I I I I I I thesecond group hethreedozenjointsfeatured Rabbetjoints, in this chapterare usedin described, aremostfrequently used to join carcase anddrawercorners, applications asvariedasbuilding and lessoftenfor edgejoining. Thisis a verrabbet(page75)andthemitered satilefamilyofjoins,withtheadded rabbet(page76), areintendedto virtueof beingstrongandsimple.

T SPLINEIOINTS I t I I I I I I t Splines arethin stripsof woodcommonlyusedto alignandreinforcebux joints,liketheedge,case,andpaneljointsshownaboye(clockwisefrom top left). Madefrom plywoodor solidwoodno morethan1/:thethickness of thestoclgsplinesextendintogrooves cut in bothmatingsurfaces. Thewidth of the grooves shouldequalthethickness of thesplines; theirdepthshouldbe slightlymorethanone-halfthewidth of thesplinesto allowfor excess glue. The shimwillallowthefeatherboard to suoportthe middleof theworkpiece.

All areequally thatarecutin A miter boxis invaluablefor makingaccurateanglecuts. The the rulesof miteringare Thecommercial modelshownabovecomeswith itsown resultis a strong,durable followed:Eachintersectsmu,a solid metalbase,and legsthat canbefasteneddown bond-even though its ingendmustbecutexactto a work surfacefor addedstability. intention may be more lv at one-halfthe total decorative thanfunctional, forminga90oangleare likethefeathered splinedemonstrated on page49. Thus,thetwopieces Theanglesof a miterjoint canmakeit difficultto align cutat45oeach;thoseforminga 45oanglearecutat22L/zo.

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