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To be at liberty is to be emotionally and evaluatively chuffed with one’s lifestyles in keeping with a typical of delight you could declare as one’s personal as a reasoning being. in view that there's no definitive evidence of what the traditional of delight is, being open to the devising and trying out of criteria by way of others is a part of claiming one’s personal ordinary as a reasoning being. This open-ness is comparable to being open to and for this reason respecting and taking care of the pursuit of happiness of others. given that such recognize and care is what it really is to be ethical, it follows that one can't be chuffed with out being ethical.

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Once again this is another case of happiness being the final end, but no part of what it means for happiness to be the final end. The contention that there are no flat out endorsable aims outside the compass of happiness seems to call into question the possibility of transcendent aims. Since as we have seen, even unfathomably transcendent values, are within the compass of happiness as the final good, it is therefore possible for flat out endorsement of transcendent aims to be within the compass of happiness as the final end.

The value of knowledge just as knowledge is independent of anything other than its being worthwhile to explore and attain. That scientific knowledge can lead to technological advances may give it value for other dimensions of life. What can be endorsed in relation to productive work may be broadened and enriched by such knowledge, but that forms no part of what can be called the intrinsic value of knowledge. Intrinsic in this sense doesn’t mean value that belongs to it apart from what makes it endorsable as something to be explored.

Such value hedonism would carry with it “psychological” hedonism, in that an aim is flat out endorsable for him exactly if its realization contributes to emotional contentment. This would be one case of happiness being the final end, but should not be confused with the general connection between happiness and ends. Similar remarks apply to a person whose happiness is fully constituted by self-focused value (personal happiness). Such a value egoism would carry with it “psychological” egoism. The person can only flat out aim for that whose realization contributes to self-centered satisfaction with how his life is going.

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