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Chopra’s books have found a vast audience in America where there is a great diversity of religious beliefs and practices. He also runs a center in California where students learn about the healing practices of Hinduism and other Asian religions. H i n d u s a n d S i k h s i n A m e r i c a n C u lt u r e  It is not all this hard Yoga has become very popular in America with both Hindu Americans and nonHindus. Using ancient forms of movement and breathing, yoga practitioners move into different poses or forms.

The 1940 census counted just 1,476 immigrants from India in California. In 1914 they had numbered around 10,000. Barriers Ease Slowly During the late 1930s, the India Welfare League and the Indian League of America lobbied for an end to the ban on Indian immigration and citizenship for Indian peoples. The Atlantic Charter of 1941, a document signed by the United States and Great Britain as a plan for alliance in the coming war, proved to be beneficial in India because the document spoke of the right to self-government.

One such group, the Christian Science Association, was formed in Boston in 1875 by Mary Baker Eddy (1821–1910). The Boston area was also the home of the Transcendentalists, who revered the earlier Hindu writings of Mahinder Mohan Roy and later, in 1883, would host Mazoomdar. Christian Science bases much of its ideas about God on East to West: Coming to America  Kumar’s Story Kumar J. is a student of religious studies in Florida; he were different than me. This helped me to once trained to be a doctor and is a certified para- appreciate the differences in other students.

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