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By S. Cromwell Crawford

S. Cromwell Crawford breaks new flooring during this provocative research of Hindu bioethics in a Western environment. He presents a brand new ethical and philosophical standpoint on interesting and debatable bioethical concerns which are frequently within the information: cloning, genetic engineering, the human genome venture, reproductive applied sciences, the top of lifestyles, and plenty of extra. This Hindu viewpoint is especially noteworthy due to India’s personal indigenous scientific process, that's more suitable than ever and drawing endured curiosity from the West. The Hindu bioethics offered during this ebook are philosophically pluralistic and ethically contextual, giving them that conceptual flexibility that's usually lacking in Western religions, yet that's demanded by means of the twenty-first century’s complicated ethical difficulties. finished in scope and passionate in nature, Crawford’s research is a vital source for analyses of functional ethics, bioethics, and healthiness care.

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4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Steadfastness (dhairya) Forgiveness (kshama) Application (dama) Non-Appropriation (choury¯abhava) Cleanliness (shoucha) Repression of sensuous appetites (indriya-nigraha) Wisdom (dhi) Learning (vidy¯a) Veracity (satya) Restraint of anger (akrodha)17 It is apparent that the virtues in this list of universal duties are predominantly ascetical (steadfastness, application, and repression) and dianoetic (wisdom, learning, and veracity). Their end is self-culture, based on an ethic of autonomy.

Gupta, M. Roy, editors. The Caraka SaÓmhit¯a The Caraka SaÓmhit¯a (treatise compiled by Caraka) is a Sanskrit work of great antiquity. The original composition has undergone two redactions at different times, which makes it difficult to fix an accurate date. 16 The contents of the treatise cover an elaborate diversity of diseases, along with their etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. It discusses several theoretical and practical areas of medicine, including embryology, obstetrics, anatomy, physiology, personal hygiene, sanitation, and the training and duties of physicians.

8. Foundations Pediatrics—including obstetrics/gynecology (Kaum¯arabhÓ rtya) Toxicology (ViÓ sagaravairodhikapra´samana) Psychiatry (Bh¯utavidy¯a) Rejuvenation (Ras¯ayana) Knowledge for increase of virility (V¯aj¯ ıkaraÓna)15 As each branch developed, it became a specialized discipline, but an interdisciplinary approach ensured that each part was reckoned as belonging to the whole. Two disciplines developed in time into fully fledged schools: K¯ayacikits¯a or the School of Medicine and Íaly¯a or the School of Surgery.

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