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By Francesca Lia Block

A party of women and girls in a 3 half poetry assortment that's strong, hopeful, actual, and common.

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A. bacchantes” but mostly just needed each other yxta and francesca had always desired world peace and profound romance but this clique wish seemed somewhat selfish maybe superficial and greedy they did not yet know how significant it was no different really from the peace and love they had been born wanting and perhaps would change not only themselves but the world 40 people’s park (escape to t he nor t h) stay away, they warned her she watched from a distance as those others crossed the threshold a giant swaddled as a mummy a dreadlocked satyr mumbling curses to the blossoming trees and garbage a fortune-teller who sheltered a whole family of fairies under her skirt a witch with a young woman’s body and the face of dried apple rice grain teeth like the dolls the girl used to make with her mother some days she yearned to leave the icy marble halls where no one knew her name and join them leave the plates of greasy food that congealed their fats at her abdomen leave the cruelly beautiful blond boys and girls in their polo shirts and top-siders 41 drinking kegs and fucking and ripping fancy paper off the walls of their grecian mansions it would be better to sleep in mud eat roots and flowers discarded crusts and the coffee the vendors left out for her after all, who had that giant been before?

Only later we would grow up and realize that these women were just women they ran from the altar they stole someone else’s man they shoplifted they got loaded they tattooed the wrong name on their bodies then we could be grateful we are pretty enough stylish enough we are unscrutinized we are loved 33 duty: for sof ia she was a princess of the holy wood her parents brought her to a jungle when she was little to sit at the feet of a prophetic madman when she was older she performed on the stage the crowd put her in the stocks and threw vegetables at her da vinci face her brother the prince drowned in the sea she married a man everyone called genius it seemed like paradise she wept alone in her villa while he flirted with actresses she made art won acclaim and her husband’s jealousy he left she wore only short black or white dresses some full some slim and elegant black flats was named best dressed on every list smiled quietly and like a cat 34 told a story about marie crowned queen at nineteen dressed in magical shoes showered with jewels and cake not loved properly lost in a castle of gilt dreaming of the natural world making babies finally beheaded but this princess keeps dreaming her next dream she has a lot of stories still to tell she knows that in times of danger it is up to the girls to overcome humiliation and grief even decapitation and save us 35 vampire in t he city of lost once there were these two girls who were really bored and they put on their shortest skirts and highest heels the ones that made their toes bleed and they applied perfume to all their pulse points and they went out into the shiny city where they met this tall vampire with a shaved head and a body tattooed with the stories of the centuries and the face of a matinee idol please please drink our blood they begged tossing their hair away from their long swan necks please make us into the immortal dead and the vampire said oh no oh no you silly girls that is not really what you want it might look fun but actually it kind of sucks but we are bored, said the girls 36 we want to wear the fashions of the future we want to have countless lovers and most of all we want to stay young and beautiful forever but the vampire gave the girls a lecture about global warming and the unfathomable hours of the walking dead if you think you’re bored now!

Lurching down the street as if his feet were burned stumps he reminded her of the injured dragon in the dream last night afraid until she gave him water and kissed his lips that did not scald her she bargained with them i will stop eating i will sleep in the dirt sleep out all night on the cold marble steps i will write poetry about you revealing your true selves but they would not let her in 42 she returned to a city they never even dreamed of where the homeless lived in cardboard shacks and had forgotten they were ever something else 43 like pretty what would it be like if i thought i was pretty what would it be like if i carried that knowledge around like i do the knowledge that i am a writer pretty like peonies pretty like satin pretty like the child i was would i speak to you differently would i be healthier less stressed less worried would i buy more shoes or fewer would i be more or less afraid of death would i find something else to hate about myself would i get this jealous when your eyes aren’t touching me in this city of movie star beauties 44 would i be able to write such raw and seductive words would you have fallen in love with me sooner would i have frightened you away before you had the chance?

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