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By Dr. Andreas Raedler, Dr. Jobst Sievers (auth.)

The experimental mind edema due to software of diverse various poisonous brokers has been the topic of a giant variety of guides (for synopses see Hirano, 1969; lengthy et al. , 1965). an idea that took the underlying explanations of the lesions because the foundation for type of alternative varieties of mind edema was once awarded via Klatzo (1967). during this type Klatzo differentiates among cytogenic and vasogenic explanations of mind edema which are distinguishable from one another via the differing behaviour and response of the blood-brain-barrier. The vasogenic kind of mind edema is located more often than not within the neighborhood of tumors, traumata and foci of infections, possibly as a result of an alteration of the stipulations of permeability, in addition to in mind edemas which are attributable to alterations within the hemodynamics of the relevant anxious method, and poisonous components that act at once at the wall of the blood vessel. The cytogenic form of mind edema in lots of experimental versions is the results of, for example, TET-intoxication, water intoxication, poisoning with different chemical compounds and anoxia. Its direct reason in keeping with Klatzo (1967) is to be visible in a disturbance of the intra­ mobile osmoregulation of the parenchymal cells. even if the composition of the edema fluid depends at the form of poisonous substance used, the shortcoming of plasma proteins within the edema fluid is attribute for the mind edemas of this group.

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3. Reaction of the Glioblasts The effects of 6-AN on differentiating glioblasts is much more pronounced than the rather suppressed reaction of the glia-producing ventricular cells. It differs from the reactions of the ventricular cells described above in a number of essential factors: a) In the latency period between injection and first reaction. While the morphological alterations typical for a 6-AN-intoxication may be already observed after 24 hours in the ventricular cells, in the glioblasts only slight detachments of the outer nuclear membrane and insignificant dilatations of the endoplasmic reticulum can be demonstrated in the first 48 hours pj.

G. on day 13 of gestation in the still avascular retina or the lamina terminalis of the telencephalon. , 1970a, b; Skoff and Vaughn, 1971; Meyer-Konig, 1973). , 1970a) that ultrastructurally very much resembles microglial cells (see Mori and Leblond, 1969) is provided with the capacity to differentiate into both macrophages and macroglial cells. Ad 2) It is known that astrocytes are able to take over a phagocytotic function and in the process can incorporate parts of myelin sheaths and even whole nuclei (Vaughn and Pease, 1970; Meyer-Konig, 1973).

Ultrastructurally these ventricular cells also exhibit the typical swollen peri. , however, are only slightly demonstrable or not at all. It may be stated then, that the difference in the manner of reaction of the ventricular cells to a 6-AN-intoxication in the phases of neurogenesis and gliogenesis is much less qualitative than quantitative. It is difficult to interpret or even to explain the different behaviour of the ventricular cells in various periods of development on the basis of our findings, especially because the products of differentiation of these last cells, the glioblasts, exhibit severe cytological alterations after application of 6-AN.

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