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Different vacancy, or Zhantong in Tibetan, is the main profound
view taught through the Buddha. it's the very foundation of the educating of the
majority of Tibetan Buddhist faculties, notwithstanding has been overwhelmed
by a few reactive Tibetan Buddhist faculties who've argued against
it. for that reason, it has now not been good understood within the West, the place it
is frequently considered a sophisticated philosophical view enshrouded
in argument. in reality, different vacancy is the penultimate teaching
of the sutras and the foundation of all tantras. Th is publication unequivocally
shows that the Buddha didn't educate this final of perspectives as a
complicated philosophy for scholarly argument yet as a practical
view for use for the attainment of enlightenment.
Th e writer has got wide factors at the center Way
view in the course of approximately 40 years of shut organization with eminent
teachers of all 4 Tibetan Buddhist faculties, so has an unusually
clear and entire knowing of the opposite Emptiness
view. He has lately written a sequence of books which express Other
Emptiness from Kagyu, Nyingma, and Jonang views. Th is
book showcases an handbook for the particular instruction of
the different vacancy view. Th e guide was once written by way of Jamgon
Kongtrul, one of many nice masters of the Kagyu tuition. He wrote
the handbook after going to the throne-holder of the Jonang school,
who gave him the whole Jonang transmission of alternative Emptiness.
Th is ebook has an in depth creation with a purpose to cross a long way towards
clarifying different vacancy for students and practitioners alike. Th e
introduction examines different vacancy from many facets, so that
even readers who're no longer technically vulnerable can realize it. For
those who're technically prone, the textual content itself presents a wealth
of aspect on tips to increase the view and do the meditation of Other

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They appear but this mere appearance is just like that of a crystal ball where the crystal and its reflections remain unmixed. a, or the path shine forth, they self-shine-forth-selfliberate, their entity never being cloaked, so there are no latencies ofview and wrong-doing to be cleared away whatsoever and there is no need to add any new attributes whatsoever which previously were not present. Do the main part, which is equipoise in that wisdom-emptiness of the noble ones, meditating in as many sessions as you prefer, and sometimes refresh your understanding using these vajra words, In this there is nothing whatsoever to be cleared away.

Permanent is the dharma. The dharma is the saiigha. The saiigha is uncompounded. Uncompounded is permanent. Saying that over and over, recollect that the superfactual Three Jewels are permanent. 18 INSTRUCTIONS FOR OTHER EMPTINESS Then, as it says in the Descent Into Lanka: \Vhen Mind Only has been taken as the reliance, There is no consideration of objects being external. Through relying on there being no appearances, Mind Only will be passed beyond. Through relying on a reference of the authentic78 , There being no appearances will be passed beyond.

Every one of these composite dharmas are even more impermanent than bubbles and lightning. In dependence on the appropriation THE TEXT 13 of karma and affliction53 , I cycle in and outflow54 into the three realms in the five aggregates of form, and so on, and outflow into the three realms, like an insect trapped in a jar. This is unsatisfactory in nature, movement in unsatisfactoriness, and being sealed in unsatisfactoriness. Every fictional phenomenon from form up to omniscience is not truly existent so is empty and the basis for the lack of self of dualistic grasped-grasping which is the emptiness of all phenomena is the great, wholly existent55 niiVii:tfa beyond adventitious confusion which is permanent, stable, holy peace.

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