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By Young-mee Cho, Hyo Sang Lee, Carol Schulz, Ho-min Sohn, Sung-Ock Sohn

This is a completely revised variation of built-in Korean: starting 2, the second one quantity of the best-selling sequence constructed collaboratively through top lecture room lecturers and linguists of Korean. All sequence' volumes were constructed according to performance-based rules and methodology--contextualization, learner-centeredness, use of genuine fabrics, usage-orientedness, stability among ability getting and talent utilizing, and integration of talking, listening, analyzing, writing, and tradition. Grammar issues are systematically brought in easy yet sufficient causes and ample examples and exercises.

Each situation/topic-based lesson of the most texts involves version dialogues, narration, new phrases and expressions, vocabulary notes, tradition, grammar, utilization, and English translation of dialogues. in accordance with reviews from hundreds of thousands of scholars and teachers of the 1st variation, this new version encompasses a extra appealing two-color layout with all new photographs and drawings and an extra lesson and vocabulary workouts. classes at the moment are geared up into major sections, every one containing a conversational textual content (with its personal vocabulary record) and a analyzing passage. The accompanying workbook, newly written, offers scholars with wide skill-using actions in accordance with the talents realized basically text.


Audio records for this quantity will be downloaded on the internet in MP3 layout at http: // a collection of CDs is additionally on hand for purchase.

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Sample text

Makila [ ma-kee-la’ ] beef n. nyama ya ngombe [ nya-ma ya n-go’-mbeh] before abv. yambo, liboso [ya-mboh, lee-boh-soh ] begin v. kobanda [koh-ba-nda ] beginning n. ebandeli [ eh-ba-ndeh-lee ] behind adv. / prep. nsima, mbisa [nsee-ma, m-beesa] believe v. kondima, koyamba [ koh-ndee-ma, koh-yamba ] bell n. ngonga [ n-goh-nga ] bellow prep. na nse [ na-nseh ] bench n. (seat) etanda [ eh-ta-nda ] bet n. mondenge [ moh-nde-nge’ ] better adj. eleki malamu [eh-leh-kee ma-la’-moo ] between prep. o ntaka [ oh nta-ka ] bicycle n.

Mombongo [ mph-mbo’-ngo ] businessman n. moto wa mombongo [ moh-toh wa ] but conj. kasi, ka [ ka-see, ka-a ] butcher n. moteki-nyama [ moh-te’-kee nya-ma ] button n. lifungu, buto [ lee-foo’-ngoo, boo-to’ ] buy v. kosomba [ koh-soh’-mba ] : I’d like to buy…. nalingi kosomba… [ na-lee-ngee ] buyer n. mosombi [ moh-soh-mbee ] by prep. na , o [ na, oh ] me… memele ngai… [ me-me’-la n-ga’-ee ] brook n. (stream) moluka [ moh-loo’-ka’ ] broom n. ndeko [ n-deh-koh ] brother-in-law n. bokilo [ boh-kee-loh’ ] brown adj.

Na [na] 2. v. go a. kokatisa [kohka-tee-sa] add v. kobakisa [koh-ba-kee-sa] advise v. kolaka [koh-la-ka] afraid adj. be a. v. kobanga [koh-ba’-nga]: I’m a. nazali kobanga [na-za-lee] after prep. (n)sima [nsee-ma] afternoon n. mpokwa [ mpoh’-kwa] again adv. lisusu [lee-soo’-soo] age n. eleko, mobu [eh-leh-koh, moh-boo] agree v. kondima [koh-ndee- ma] : I agree nandimi [na-ndee-mee] air n. mpema [mpeh’-ma] airplane n. (m)pepo, avio [mpeh’-poh, a-vee-o] airport n. libanda ya pepo [lee-ba-nda ya] alcohol n.

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