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By Martin Wight

Wight explores the talk among 3 teams of thinkers - Machiavellians, Grotians and Kantians. He tested the specified doctrines each one provided touching on conflict, international relations, strength, nationwide curiosity, the duty of treaties, the duty of somebody to endure fingers, and the behavior of international coverage.

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Hence the discussion of the nature of sovereignty, of the limits of sovereign power, of popular sovereignty and contract theory, which constitute the familiar highroad of political theory. This tendency was reinforced by the historical coincidence of the Renaissance, and the rediscovery of the wisdom of antiquity. Although Graeco-Roman civilization had international relations, and there is some important classical writing about it, especially in Thucydides' work, the bulk of classical political writing is concerned with the Polis, with politics in the accepted sense.

10 And he concludes by quoting StPeter's words, 'We ought to obey God rather than men' (Acts V. 29). This was the source of the Calvinist doctrine of the duty of resistance to tyrants and the right of deposing kings. It is only a short step fi·om the position that the king has authority from God, and the people may judge that he has forfeited this authority, to the position that the king has authority from the people. On this principle, the 8. Jacques Maritain, Three Reformers (London: Sheed & Ward, 1941), pp.

The Rationalists were answered. ' by saying, 'through observation and sense-experience' . 13 Two centuries later, Rationalism had acquired what is now its popular sense, which is much closer to the empiricism than the Rationalism of the seventeenth century. It is the sense illustrated by the Mills, father and son: belief in accordance with the evidence, and understanding of one's real interest. It is in this sense that the 'Rationalist Press Association' is so called. 14 The. final debasement is the use of 'rationalization', meaning to make up plausible reasons to explain (to oneself artd others) behaviour whose real motives are different or unconscious.

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