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Other witnesses who were vecinos of Valdesaz, Fuentes, Valconete, and Olmeda testified regarding Beltran's activities in their towns. Witnesses that Beltran presented on his behalf included vecinos of Hontanar, Valdesaz, Archilla, Budia, and Brihuega and a friar in Villaviciosa, and persons whom he named as possible enemies lived in Tomellosa, Valconete, and Valdesaz. Evidently Beltran's circle of acquaintances included some prominent individuals, such L Settlement, Space, and Mobility as a "cardinal" who came to Brihuega and stayed in his house; among the people who testified on his behalf in 1518 were the parish priests of San Miguel and San Felipe in Brihuega, several of the town's hidalgos, and dona Luisa de la Cerda, a nun, who stated that Beltran had received Franciscan friars in his home.

The most obvious indication of Brihuega's connections with other towns and cities is the existence of surnames that are place names. 27 Furthermore, certain surnames that were not place names apparently might be closely associated with particular places. "28 In themselves surnames are, of course, an unreliable indication of origin or kinship and therefore of little use in analyzing patterns of migration as such. Their presence is not, however, necessarily insignificant. For one thing, the place-name apellidos most commonly found in Brihuega pertain Settlement, Space, and Mobility not to the places nearest at hand but rather to fairly good-sized towns lying within the region but at some distance and in different jurisdictions: Guadalajara, Pastrana, and Cifuentes were all better represented among the apellidos of briocenses than were the names of such nearby villages as Pajares and Gajanejos.

Kinship and other traditional relations (as between the Velasco and Gutierrez families) attracted others from his hometown to the area around Brihuega as well—Juan Gutierrez's sisters in addition to a daughter- or granddaughter-in-law and visitors from Espinosa. Gutierrez's activities in and around Brihuega also set precedents for the family's future. His relationship with the archbishop of Toledo, whom he served as corregidor and mayordomo, probably resulted from his work as a master builder; it in turn fostered a connection between the Gutierrez family in Brihuega and the nearby village of Archilla, where they had property (Archilla is on the Tajuna River, about halfway between Brihuega and Guadalajara) and other places such as Romances and Valdeavellano.

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