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This ebook introduces a few of the simple thoughts for operating with 3ds Max. for my part the step-by-step consultant with a few examples is an efficient selection for studying all of the diversified services during this robust software. in case you have already a few adventure with 3D modeling in 3ds Max you'll perhaps now not locate a few new info. yet for beginning with this software it was once advisable for me.

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With forethought, you will know how detailed your models need to be. In many cases, you can add sufficient detail to a model through texture. If a park bench is shown in a wide shot from far away, there is no need for abundant detail or complicated surfacing. If you create a highly detailed model for that far-away shot, you will have wasted your time and will also increase your rendering time. However, if you have to show that park bench prominently in a close-up, it will need as much detail as possible.

6 illustrates a keyframe sequence. 6 In the first frame of this sequence, a keyframe is set on the position, rotation, and scale of the cone. On frame 30, the same properties are again keyframed. The computer calculates all the movement inbetween. qxd 12/4/07 3:21 PM Page 26 26 ■ chapter 1: Basic Concepts Weight Weight is an implied facet of design and animation. Weight denotes the heaviness or presence of an element in a design. The more weight an element has, the more power it has in the composition.

Character Modeling Character modeling includes the modeling of any characters in your scene, from humanoids to animals to ordinary objects that are animated to life. Most characters are organic forms, such as animals, humans, aliens, and so on. However, a talking cheese sandwich is just as much a character as the person holding it. As a good character modeler, you need to keep in mind the animation needs of a character when you’re modeling. It’s important to know what you need from your shot way ahead of time, so you can model appropriately.

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