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Introducing Maya 2008 will express you the way Maya works and introduce you to each half ofthe toolset to provide you a glimpse of the probabilities to be had with Maya.You’ll study the elemental options underlying animation and 3D and the way to paintings with theMaya interface. You’ll then research the elemental tools of modeling—creating gadgets andcharacters that seem to exist in three-d area and that may be animated.You’ll additionally discover shading and texturing—the recommendations of utilising surfaces to theobjects you create—and you’ll the way to create lighting fixtures and shadows in a scene. Animationis an greatly wealthy subject, however the perform and idea supplied the following offers you asolid footing. Then you’ll methods to regulate the method of rendering, turning yourimages into documents that may be considered. might be Maya’s such a lot excellent strength is its dynamicsengine, software program in an effort to make items behave as though managed by means of the realworldlaws of physics.Once you’ve comprehensive this ebook and its workouts, you could have a few event inalmost every little thing Maya deals, providing you with an exceptional origin on which to base the remainder ofyour Maya and CGI experience.The objective of this e-book is to get you popular sufficient with all of the elements of Maya to get youworking by yourself and to begin an extended, fit schooling in a strong and versatile tool.You will, even though, research the main from your self.

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Basic Animation Concepts As mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, animation is the representation of change over time. This concept is the basis for an amazing art that has been practiced in one way or another for some time. Although this section cannot cover all of them, here are a few key terms you will come across numerous times on your journey into CG animation. Frames, Keyframes, In-Betweens Each drawing of an animation, or in the case of CG, a single rendered image, is called a frame.

The higher the resolution, the larger the file size will be. 1 shows what happens when you blow up a raster image. In light of this limitation, you might wonder why raster images are used. The answer lies in how these images are generated. Most common raster displays are television or computer screens. In fact, the term raster originally referred to the display area of a television or computer monitor. To form an image, the electronics in these devices essentially paint it as a grid of red, green, and blue pixels on a glowing screen.

Qxd 10/23/07 2:28 PM Page 26 26 ■ chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Graphics and 3D Keyframes are frames at which the animator creates a pose for a character (or whatever is being animated). In CG terms, a keyframe is a frame in which a pose, a position, or some other such value has been saved in time. Animation is created when an object travels or changes from one keyframe to another. You will see firsthand how creating poses for animation works in Chapter 9, when you create the poses for a simple walking human figure.

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