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By Donald J. Mastronarde

Completely revised and multiplied, Introduction to Attic Greek, second Edition supplies scholar and teachers the main entire and obtainable presentation of historical Greek on hand.

The textual content features:
• complete publicity to the grammar and morphology that scholars will stumble upon in real texts
• Self-contained educational chapters, with difficult, rigorously adapted exercises
• a growing number of complicated chapters to construct the student's wisdom of declensions, tenses, and buildings by way of alternating emphasis on morphology and syntax
• Readings in line with genuine texts and contain unadapted passages from Xenophon, Lysias, Plato, Aristophanes, and Thucydides.
• Concise creation to the historical past of the Greek language
• Composite record of verbs with central components, and an appendix of all paradigms
• Greek-English and English-Greek glossaries

Additional Resources:
• strong on-line supplementations for educating and studying on hand at
• resolution Key to routines additionally on hand from UC Press (978-0-520-27574-4)

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Example text

Sing. of the child 19. acc. sing. of (the) justice 20. nom. pl. of the day 21. gen. sing. of the road 22. voc. sing. of soul 23. dat. pl. of the sister 24. gen. sing. of the army 25. voc. pl. of goddess 26. acc. sing. of the honor 27. nom. pl. of the word 28. dat. sing. of the victory 29. acc. pl. of the wind 30. gen. pl. of the door II. Write out the declension of the sickness in the singular only, of the gift in the plural only, and of the victory in both singular and plural. III. Identify the following noun forms and give at least one meaning.

Sickness, disease [nosology] road, path, way; journey [odometer, method] small stone, pebble (used in reckoning, in games, in voting); vote [psephologist] O-declension neuter nou ns βιβλίον, βιβλίου, n. δῶρον, δώρου, n. ἔργον, ἔργου, n. μέτρον, μέτρου, n. παιδίον, παιδίου, n. ) together with, with [synonym, sympathy] Conju nctions ἀλλά καί but, but rather and; (adverbial) even, also, too Negative adverb οὐ (οὐ or οὐχ before vowels) not (negating statements, words, or phrases) [Utopia] 31 32 Unit three Exercises I.

F. ψῡχή, ψυχῆς, f. sister excellence; valor; virtue [aretalogy] beginning; rule, office; realm, province [monarchy] faculty of judgment; opinion, decision, verdict [gnomic] justice, right; lawsuit; punishment (levied in a suit) [syndic] pleasure [hedonist] victory [epinician] Xanthippe (female proper name) tent, booth; stage building; stage [scene] honor; esteem; price [timocratic] running away, flight; exile sound; voice [phonetic] breath of life; life; soul [psyche] Exercises I. Give the requested form of the Greek noun with the article (except with vocatives).

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