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By Dimitris Chorafas

Written by means of a popular company monetary consultant, this well timed consultant bargains a accomplished therapy of by-product monetary tools, totally overlaying bonds, curiosity swaps, recommendations, futures, currency, and extra. the writer explains the strategic use of derivatives, their position in portfolio administration, hedging, and the significance of handling risk.

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Steel. Less than two years later, at the end of March 2000, the curve of fast-rising equity prices of Internet companies bent: ● ● Many went into bankruptcy. Those who survived had their wings clipped. The need for steady and rigorous watch over exposure is present, without exception, with every single investment. The added challenge in risk control with derivatives is that in an impressive number of cases, ● ● ● Their originators find it difficult to price them. Their exposure is nonlinear (Chapter 2).

Entrepreneurship has been instrumental in revamping intermediation, an age-old concept in banking. Contrary to what some people say, innovation does not weaken intermediation; if anything, PART 1 16 Innovation in Finance through Derivative Instruments it strengthens it by providing products and services more appealing than their predecessors. One example of restructured intermediation is when a bank designs a specific product for its customer(s) but executes the transaction through a third party—such as a special investment vehicle (SIV)—rather than directly: ● ● The bank’s investment arm faces the intermediary as its counterparty.

In an interest rate swap, one counterparty pays the other a fixed rate of interest based on some variable rate of interest. The latter changes as market interest rates change. Traders often look at the swap as a portfolio of forward contracts, one for a cash payment date and each written at the same forward price. For instance, a swap can be used to offset the risk of an uncovered position, seeing to it that there is a future cash flow that would move in the opposite direction to that of a hedged position.

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