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This replacement mechanism has two particular characteristics – first there must be pressure drops in order to have expansion, and secondly, the aquifer response may lag substantially, particularly if transmissivity deteriorates in the aquifer (through diagenesis). A water drive reservoir is then particularly rate sensitive, and so the reservoir may behave almost as a depletion reservoir for a long period if off-take rates are very high, or as an almost complete pressure maintained water drive reservoir if off-take rates are low, for the given aquifer.

7 psia (1 atmosphere). Units are standard cubic feet per stock tank barrel scf/B or cubic meters of oil per cubic meter of oil m3/m3. 6 = m3/m3). The basic surface to downhole relationships are shown diagramatically in Fig. 1-33. Formation volume factors are designated by the letter B with a suffix denoting the fluid phase concerned. Formation volume factor is a function of fluid composition and the pressure and temperature difference between the downhole and reference state. F. F. F. WATER SOLUTION GAS Rsw = SOLUTION GWR SOLUTION GAS WATER Fig.

1 Completion Technology and Types Introduction The completion phase of a well development is a term generally used for a well that is prepared for production after drilling is completed. It follows therefore that during the exploration, appraisal and development testing of wells, a temporary completion (often referred to as a Drill Stem Test String) is used as the well is temporarily produced to gain valuable reservoir data for the future development of the field. There are many different completion types and methods.

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