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By Madiha Rashid al Madfai

On July 31, 1988, King Hussein of Jordan renounced all administrative and felony ties with the Israeli-occupied West financial institution of the River Jordan, beginning a brand new turning aspect within the heart East peace method. during this path-breaking examine, Madiha Madfai explores Jordan's position within the USA's peacemaking efforts through the Carter, Reagan and Bush administrations. She examines the occasions culminating within the motion of 1988 and convincingly demonstrates the heritage of anger, discomfort and frustration that lay in the back of the Jordanian choice.

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This booklet is disappointing.
The booklet begins with, after which each one bankruptcy returns particularly clunkily to, the department among liberalists, realists, radicalists, and so forth.
As in:
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In other words, Kissinger was complex and devious. There was also a certain amount of misleading communication from Egypt to Washington as to what Sadat was up to. Kissinger thought he had assurances from him that he would handle the situation in Rabat in Jordan's favour, but he did not. Former Ambassador to Cairo Nicholas Veliotes concluded: Kissinger's greatest failure was not sufficiently seeing the dangers inherent in not moving quickly with Jordan. Whether that was because Sadat didn't want to be caught up in it, whether Sadat preferred to deal with the PLO more than the King, I don't know.

He was desperate not to tie Egyptian territorial claims to those of Jordan or Syria. But Egypt had been morally committed to a comprehensive solution since Jordan and Egypt under Nasser entered the war against Israel in 1967. Jordan's army was then under Egyptian command. During the war, Jordan lost the West Bank to Israel, and after the war, both Jordan and Egypt accepted Resolution 242. Egypt, Jordan and later on Syria, all became committed to a comprehensive solution. To get out of this tight corner, President 23 The peace process Sadat may have thought that if the responsibility for the occupied West Bank were to be transferred to the PLO, then his withdrawal from commitment to the PLO would become easier than if Jordan were responsible.

18 As former Prime Minister Rifai commented: No matter how many times we continued to raise the issue with Kissinger every time he passed by Amman, which he frequently did, his answer always showed a complete lack of interest. His main concern was Sinai II. Even the Syrian disengagement was put forward with the aim of completely concentrating attention on the Eygptian front. 19 Mr Rifai further explained how, after the completion of the disengagement agreement on the Eygptian front, Jordan began pressing Kissinger for a further withdrawal on the Syrian front as a preparatory step for the Jordanian front.

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