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By Tsele Natsok Rangdrol, Marcia Binder Schmidt, Erik Pema Kunsang

A undying guide at the center of Buddhist perform. Lamp of Mahamudra is a meditation guide on the most complex practices of the Tibetan Buddhist culture. This specified textual content distills the directions of the perform lineage and describes the full direction of meditation resulting in the last word fruition. The publication contains suggestion from Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. Lamp of Mahamudra was once written by way of Tsele Natsok Rangdrol, a seventeenth-century grasp of either the Kagyi and Nyingma faculties. He used to be well known as some of the most realized academics of his period. His writing is inspiring in its lucid variety and profundity.

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By the third, the samadhi of courageous movement, Multiplicity being one taste, the realization of the ten bhumis manifests. You accomplish the benefit of others as a son of the victorious ones of the three times, 36 The Four 1-&gas And having attained the summit, your progress is uninterrupted. By the fourth, the vajralike samadhi, One of endeavoring in the practice of nonmeditation, Your wisdom knowledge perceives the buddha realms. Effortlessly and spontaneously present, it is the great state qf the supreme attribute.

Nor should you deliberately meditate while suppressing the mind's thinking or perceptions, as in meditation on a constructed emptiness. Meditation means simply sustaining the naturalness of your mind without any fabrication. In particular, there are various kinds of mental capacities and intelligence. People with sharp faculties, the instantaneous type who are realized through former training, can possibly be liberated simultaneously with recognizing their essence, with no need to be guided gradually through shamatha and vipashyana.

The manifestation of these numerous kinds of ordinary q1,1alities is the final state of shamatha, which is like an unmoving ocean. Many meditators, who at this point do not connect with an experienced master and who have great diligence but little learning, become infatuated with these seemingly good qualities. Also, ordinary people see them as siddhas, and that leads to the danger of creating disaster for both self and others. So be careful. This endeavor in shamatha meditation does not qualify as the main part of mahamudra practice, but it is certainly essential as a foundation.

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