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By E. Crespin

Série moderne des arts martiaux.

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I believe like asking him to stick. To by no means go away this room. yet i do know that quickly he'll go away and. .. I’m going to ring him that evening. I’m unlikely to write down something down. i would now not even say something. simply hearken to him breathe. Lucy and Jim are on my own. To the area they appear to be doing okay: they've got jobs, acquaintances, targets (well, style of).

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I learned too that Kian was a brave soldier and a loyal friend, a principled idealist who loved nothing more than his Winter Court except, perhaps, me. I learned that he was an accomplished cook – for men did the cooking in Feyland – and that he loved to paint almost as much as I did. I learned that we had much still to learn about each other, and that his kiss was the most powerful sensation I had ever experienced. And then there were the bad lessons. I learned that my best friend, Logan, was a werewolf, a shapeshifting creature that lived between Feyland and the Land Beyond the Crystal River – which they called my world.

His anger and pride had gone; instead he only looked abashed, surprised. In his eyes I saw something not unlike compassion – something not unlike humanity. “Very well,” he said quietly. “I shall think this over. I will have a servant direct you to an antechamber. ” “Delano,” I said softly. His change in demeanor had surprised me. ” he repeated, shouting louder. ” He took one last look at me and then stormed off to the window, staring out at the storm gathering around the castle. I gave him a deep curtsey, my face red with shock, before the guard escorted me out.

But your father wasn't a bad man, you see. ” My curiosity was piqued. I realized then just how little I knew of my father – I didn't even know his name. ” The Queen's voice trailed off. ” There was a note of warmth and sympathy in her voice. “What a great ruler! He was handsome – he was always handsome – but he had such a regal bearing. The way he held himself. The way he handled royal and court affairs. The way he could light up a room with his smile – if anyone could bring peace to the Summer and Winter Courts, it was your father.

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