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LightWave 3D is among the most well liked 3D instruments out there at the present time, providing the main whole set of instruments, the best-looking and quickest out-of-the-box renderer, and probably the most strong IK engines on hand. expert director/animator Timothy Albee discusses how you can use LightWave to construct powerful, in charge personality setups, and gives confirmed, hands-on instruments for getting to know the advanced mechanics of animation. also, he covers the significance of storytelling and appearing via animation—the refined mastery that brings characters to existence. This publication: * indicates the total crafting of robust and trustworthy personality setups. * Explains Inverse Kinematics because it relates to personality animation. * makes use of LightWave’s instruments to create personality rigs that let you migrate animation from one personality to a different. * Describes how you can observe element weighting to create plausible personality skinning. * Illuminates uncomplicated and complicated animation options which are the cornerstones for experienced animation equivalent to anticipation, overlapping motion, gesture, and silhouette. * Outlines key steps for taking a scene from begin to end. * Teaches regular appearing innovations for assisting you "become" your personality.

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You’ll also notice that with the chain bent, as the goal crosses Y=0 it “pops” over to the other side. Pre-bending the chain in the direction you want it to favor can help this problem. 15 21 Chapter 2: Inverse Kinematics: Its Strengths and Weaknesses NOTE: CAUTION: When you activate an IK chain, a light blue line will appear in your scene from the root of your IK chain to the chain’s goal if you have Show IK Chains checked under Display|Display Options. If you’re playing around with this scene and exploring (and I encourage you to do so), it may seem like a neat thing to use Match Goal Orientation to keep a hand oriented the same direction as the goal object, but don’t.

2. Start Modeler and set your content directory to the 3D directory you just copied to your hard drive. NEWBIE NOTE: LightWave Modeler has two separate Options panels. One is for display options (discussed later) and the other is for general options and can be found here: Modeler|Options |General Options (or by pressing o). General Options has important things like the Content Directory (where LightWave looks for images, objects, scenes, and the like), how many levels of Undo you have, whether polygons will default to quadrangles (for NURBial patches) or triangles, and how smooth your NURBed models will look as you’re working on them.

LightWave Modeler Layers Clicking in the upper triangle makes that layer the foreground layer. You can view and modify items in this layer. Clicking in the lower triangle makes that layer the background layer. Items in this layer can be seen but not modified. 1 NOTE: The order in which you create the skelegons in Modeler is the order in which they will become bones in Layout. I like to use the Up and Down Arrow keys when animating to select the next and previous bones, and have memorized how many presses it takes to get from one specific control to another.

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