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By Timothy Albee

Updating what has been known as the most effective books onanimation through most sensible Disney animators, this new ebook comprises much more pre-rigged types, dialogue of the recent animation instruments present in LightWave 3D eight, and the quickest method to do discussion and facial functionality.

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Note: There are very few rules of thumb when dealing with computers. ” I think one possible reason this is so is because we’re paying more attention to the things we do when we think they’re complicated. When we think something is easy, our mind isn’t always fully there working on it. Keep focused, plan your attack, and know the result you want before you start. 1 Where Is He Going to Bend? Most people build their characters in a kind of “da Vinci-esque” spread-eagle pose. This is great for making sure all the proportions are correct, as you can tell at a glance if something is out of whack.

So the base pose for the arms should have the bicep angled forward somewhere around 45 degrees, and the forearm angled about 45 degrees from that. This gives us our pre-bend so IK knows that elbows don’t bend backward, and it also helps preserve the volumes of the elbow and shoulder when bones pull points around. 45 Chapter 3: Prepping Your Character for Setup Note: The way I like to do pre-bending is to select groupings of points (say, of the forearm and hand, for instance), and then using Modify |Rotate|Rotate, “swing” those selected points around into their new place while the rest of the model stays locked in place.

Front, side, and top views of our character. A good knowledge of anatomy is important whether you are doing cartoonish or hyper-realistic characters. Things like scale, relationship, and rotation are stored deep in all our minds, though it isn’t something that most of us are consciously aware of. Most people can’t tell you exactly why something looks “right” or “wrong,” but it is usually because of something being incorrectly proportioned or rotating from somewhere it shouldn’t. 2 Pre-bending to Help IK Since IK can only safely solve for a maximum of two parts, we need to look at our model and figure out what parts are going to be controlled with IK and which parts will be FK.

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