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By Dakpo Tashi Naqmgyal

First English Translation of an enormous Tibetan Buddhist paintings, on education complicated pupil.

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While the essential teachings of these schools are very similar, each traces its transmission through a particular lineage of masters, and each developed a distinctive approach to training disciples, in particular to the final realization, or meditation on ultimate reality. The Nyingma school originated from the Early Spreading, and the activity of the bodhisattva abbot Santarak~ita and his successor Kamalasila, as well as from the fruition tantra teaching of Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra, and Vairocana.

In the process of immersing one's mind in a nondual absorption, even the determinate notion of reality causes distraction and interferes with the tranquil absorption. The truly transcendental wisdom will emerge only when the tranquil absorption is completely unstained by any mental activities. Here it seems relevant to refer to some of the current Tibetan approaches to the rational investigation and contemplative awakening. The Kagyiipas rely less on dialectical investigation as a means of determining the vision of reality.

Tranquility means no attachment or aversion as unceasing thoughts and appearances arise in the mind. Insight means a recognition of the inherent nature of the mind and its appearances to be emptiness, dharmakiiya. Or again, tranquility and insight are the inseparability of emptiness and appearance. " Maitripa says: A transient thought arises from that which is unborn. This very thought has the nature of all-embracing reality. The two are inseparable from the very beginning. Therefore I reveal these two as one even flavor.

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