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My item is the following to show Masons in addition to others, and never to offer them offence. They ask for mild. here's mild! This ebook is the vintage EXPOSITION OF ENGLISH FREEMASONRY. initially released in 1825, simply twelve years after the association of the United Grand inn of britain, this works boasts the main entire selection of early types of the English masonic rituals on hand less than a unmarried disguise. includes early models of the 3 Craft levels, the Royal Arch, Knight Templar Druids, Mark guy, Mark grasp, Architect, Grand Architect, Scotch grasp or Superintendent, mystery grasp, excellent grasp, Intimate Secretary, Intendant of the structures, prior grasp, very good Masons, Super-Excellent Masons, 9 Elected Knights, go with of 9, Peregnon, choose of Fifteen, Priestly Order of Israel, Irish grasp, Noahites or Prussian Knights, purple go Sword of Babylon, Knights of the Sword of the East, purple go of Rome and Constantine, Knights of the White Eagle or Pelican, Knights of the Eagle and Rosicrucian or Ne Plus extremely. Illuminating learn for Masons and nonmembers.

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I will thank you to illustrate truth ? A. Truth is a principle of inimitable and eternal nature, derived from the great Father of Light, conformable with his holy will, and interwoven with the laws of his creation. It is the duty of every true Mason who seeks to walk according to the light, to make that sacred principle the guide of his words and actions, ever remembering that truth and wisdom are the same ; and to him who makes truth the object of his search, that truth will assuredly prove the reward of his perseverance.

W. ' W. M. Direct that duty to be done. J. W. Brother Inner Guard, you will see the Lodge properly tiled. I. G. ) Brother Junior Warden (with the sign), the Lodge is properly tiled. J. W. ) Worshipful Master, the Lodge is properly tiled. W. M. Brother Senior Warden, the next care ? S. W. To see the Brethren appear to order as Fellow-Craft Masons. MANUAL OF FREEMASONRY 39 W. M. —Brother Junior Warden, are you a Fellow-Craft Freemason ? J. W. I am ; try me ; prove me. W. M. By what instrument in architecture will you be proved ?

Q. How so ? A. Of, includes the whole ceremony of preparation; At, that of due submission; and On, that of a solemn obligation. Second Clause. Q. Where were you made a Mason ? A. In a Lodge, just, perfect, and regular. Q. What do you mean by a Lodge ? A. An assembly of Masons met to expatiate on the mysteries of Freemasonry. Q. What makes it just ? A. The volume of the sacred law unfolded. Q. What makes it perfect ? A. The number seven. Q. Of whom is the number composed ? A. Three Masters, two Fellow-Crafts, and two Entered Apprentices.

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