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By Tim Dobbert

Master the paintings and technological know-how of Matchmoving

Written through a matchmoving professional, this ebook is far greater than a technical primer. It is helping you think that like a professional so you might locate the correct resolution on your matchmoves, irrespective of how tough. you are going to additionally locate assurance of initiatives that in general pass hand-in-hand with matchmoving, in addition to suggestion at the contributions you can also make at the set of a live-action shoot. even if you are a scholar or expert, Matchmoving: The Invisible artwork of digital camera monitoring can provide the data and point of view you want to speedy and effectively clear up each matchmove.

Coverage includes:

  • Understanding how matchmove courses work
  • Perspective matching
  • Getting optimum second monitoring data
  • Calibrating/solving cameras
  • Using computerized tracking
  • Fitting matchmoves right into a CG set
  • Mastering matchamation techniques
  • Modeling from matchmoves
  • Troubleshooting undesirable matchmoves
  • Multi-purposing matchmove data

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You should track things at various depths, heights, and widths as much as possible. 4). For example, you wouldn’t want to group all your tracks in the center of the image, because the software would only be able to define the space of that center area of the scene. Likewise, don’t track only features on a wall while ignoring the rest of the scene. This would result in a solution that works great for the area near the wall but is not as accurate closer to the camera. A good thing to keep in the back of your mind is that you will only be able to know the 3D space of areas in which you track.

Projective geometry gave mathematicians a way to accurately show how 3D space can be projected as 2D images. Photogrammetry, on the other hand, shows us how 2D images are used to calculate 3D space. Building a Better Camera Photogrammetry is nothing more than a lot of math, particularly the type of math you never study unless you’re a mathematician or an engineer—namely trigonometry, linear algebra, and projective geometry. But this math provides a precise way to analyze features in two or more images in order to figure out the 3D positions of the objects in the scene as well as the position of the cameras.

But if we say an object is located at the 3D coordinates (0,0,0), where is that exactly? The place where all three coordinates are zero is called the origin of the scene. The origin can pretty much lie wherever you want. It simply represents the point where you want to start counting from. 4). In order to convert the (X,Y,Z) position of a feature in 3D space to an (X,Y) position in 2D space, the feature needs to be projected, and that’s what the rules of projective geometry were made for. Among other things, projective geometry defines how various types of shapes behave when they are flattened out onto a 2D plane.

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