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By Mark R. Wilkins, Chris Kazmier

Studying how you can liberate Maya's robust programming features could be a daunting activity in case you are now not a programmer. even if the package's programming language, MEL (Maya Embedded Language), is simple to benefit, almost all on hand guideline assumes that the reader has a few programming background-that is, beforehand. You carry on your fingers the 1st MEL instructional written specifically for non-programmers. MEL Scripting for MAYA Animators will quick convey any consumer the way to transcend Maya's integrated instruments to create personalized strategies, formerly available in basic terms to programmers. With this ebook, animators, artists, video game builders, visible results builders, and technical administrators will grasp Maya's basics from ''under the hood;'' then methods to automate projects, customize consumer interfaces, construct customized instruments, and remedy difficulties, by means of changing into knowledgeable within the MEL scripting language-all without programming adventure required! * particularly addresses Maya clients who are looking to advance MEL scripts * Teaches basically these programming innovations essential to studying MEL * Demonstrates ratings of useful examples illustrating recommendations to concrete difficulties * indicates how you can make certain which difficulties are most sensible solved utilizing MEL * Addresses the desires of skilled programmers wishing to profit MEL functions * offers a variety of code segments and Maya scene records at

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Otherwise, the operators that are higher on the list get executed first. ( ) [] * / %^ + < <= > >= && 44 Chapter 3 • Using Expressions When in doubt, you can always force a particular order of operations with parentheses. Walkthrough of Maya's Expression Language Once you have defined a relationship between attributes that you want to use an expression to establish, you need to represent that relationship in Maya's expression language. The examples presented thus far include only the most rudimentary scripts, but expression scripts can be far more complex.

Unfortunately, working this way can have troubling side effects unless you take the time to look at and think through the MEL scripts Maya generates for you. Even though everything in the status message area is valid MEL code intended to show you what Maya is doing behind the scenes, it is not guaranteed to have the same result as what you did in the interface. 30 Chapter 2 • The Basics of MEL Commands In particular, when you enabled Show All Commands, Maya sometimes prints multiple commands in the Status Message Area that do the same thing.

The examples presented thus far include only the most rudimentary scripts, but expression scripts can be far more complex. Almost all techniques that you will learn programming in Maya's expression language can be used in MEL scripts as well, and most of these ideas are covered in more depth in later chapters. This walkthrough will present those features of the language that are most useful in expressions, but you should keep in mind that just about any feature of MEL can be used in an expression.

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