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L. 21: BRM 4 19 21 reads munus-ka ana nita igi nu íl-e. This is another example of offensive magic, related to love magic, preventing the wife from doing something which she may wish to do. ma ana munus igi ana nita na-aš-ši, ‘incantation for a woman raising her eye towards a man’, as well as SBTU V 243: 3. This formulation is closer to what we find in the older duplicate, STT 300 39. 38 Uruk Astral Magic (BRM 4 20 and BRM 4 19) l. gig : zi-’-i-ri ‘hate’, referring to a specific type of offensive ‘hate’ magic which is the antithesis of love magic; it forces a loved one to separate from her spouse or lover; cf.

497.  Is this not positive (defensive) magic rather than aggressive (black) magic? It may be so, if the patient is innocent and does not deserve divine anger, but if the patient is actually guilty of a crime, he may have to resort to a more aggressive type of magic in order to deflect divine anger.  Although the text actually says ‘Ur’ rather than Uruk (as noted by Neugebauer and Sachs 1952– 1953: 66), Ungnad 1944: 281 was correct to translate Uruk and Babylon, since these two cities were the most important centres of Mesopotamian scholarship during the Hellenistic period.

La] na₄! sig nu. ) (″ ) (″ ) (″ –) (″ –) (″ –, ) (″ ) (″ )  BRM 4 19 27–28, adding zi-hi dím-ma al-silim.  BRM 4 19 29, var. ra (om. ma), adding zi-hi dím-ma alsilim.  See comm. below l. 62: e-ṭim-mu ṣa-ba-tu it-ti lú ana ra-k[a-su], ‘to seize a ghost, to bind it with a man’. Cf. BRM 4 19 26.  BRM 4 19: 30 has ana kéš.  See comm. below, l. 60, nu lú ana ug₇ pa-qa-du : nu lú a-na mu-ú-tu p[a-qa-du], ‘to entrust the figurine of a man to a dead (person)’, probably meaning that the figurine is to be buried with a corpse.

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