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Mithriaca I is a quick monograph in regards to the Temple of Mithras at Capua. identified for the previous half-century as the most very important sanctuaries of the cult so good attested somewhere else in Italy (for instance at Marino, whose Mithraeum is to be studied in Mithriaca II) and itself in use, V. indicates (p. 49), from the early moment until the center of the fourth century, it presents glimpses of the coming in Campania from far away Persia of the grass-land tycoon Mithra (miθrō yō vouru.gaoyaoitiš) who used to be to be hailed within the later Empire as Mithras invictus. the numerous older reveals at S. Maria Capua Vetere, first systematically investigated and released by means of Minto in Notizie degli Scavi (1924), 353 ff., are actually reassembled and revalued within the gentle of what has been chanced on considering, and for this activity not anyone is healthier certified, in fact, than the writer. right here, within the 16th quantity of his sequence, he consists of out his concise survey with the benefit and impeccable scholarship of the specialist in his personal certain field.

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Paribeni, U T""", THE MITHRAEUM AT S. MARIA CAPUA VETERE 35 inscription 1) tells us by Menelaos, pupil of Stephanos at the end of the Republican period I), shows these two noble children of a eagle father (&troll 1tGt't'pbt;;) 8) and an ignoble mother as "die stillen Vert,auten" C). Orestes is slowly moving towards Electra who, standing still, puts her left hand on her brother's right arm. She has her other hand on Orestes' shoulder, and he in his turn has his left hand around her waist 6). Except in funeral art there are not many comparable representations from Antiquity.

VII), 1944. 284 and E. Nub, Bildllsil")fI '"''' Topograph" d8s antik",. v. Basilica Hilariana. b) In the Metroon at Delos al. lastly R. Vallois, L'a"ahillc;tu", hllUniqutl " hllUnuti,que a Dllos jusqu' a I'lvicti,on d8s DlliIns (166 (IV. ), I, Les monuments, Paris 1944, 87, 81~'~ Ilcn61n0»" and IIp'cncp, IlO"l61n0»". These inscriptions will be published again in Vermaseren, CCCA (Corpus CuUus Cybelfll Atti,tlisque). 3) Minto, 368 if; CIMRM I, nos 187-197; LeRoy Campbell, 294 if. The scenes have never before been reproduced in colour, hence the many mistakes in the various descriptions.

Aseren-van Essen, 157. For this symbol in Ostia: CIMRM I, no 299, 7; Laeuchli, 77 and PI. 24. v. transitus. 9) Line 7: Vermaseren-van Essen, 201 if. 40 THE MITHRAEUM AT S. " The sacrament I) for the Mithraic soldier seems to consist in the trial of the presentation of the crown and in the formula 8) "Mith,as est corona mea" or when he has rejected the crown like an enemy (si deiecerit coronam) with the words "corona in deo mea est". ) the soldier rejects this earthly crown in order to join the army of Mithras deus invictus, who is the divine crown, the eternal prize.

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