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Dzieje, obrzędy, legendy, tradycje. Warszawa. , Majda, T. (1999). Meczety i cmentarze Tatarów polsko­ litewskich. Warszawa. , Majda, T. (2000). Piśmiennictwo i muhiry Tatarów polsko­ litewskich. Warszawa. Marek M. Dziekan History and culture of Polish Tatars Dumin, S. (1999). Herbarz rodzin tatarskich Wielkiego Księstwa Litewskiego. Gdańsk 1999. M. (2002). Einige Bemerkungen über die islamische Literatur der pol­ nisch­litauischen Tataren In: Studies in Arabic and Islam. S. Leder et al. ). Leuven­Paris­Sterling, VA.

E. it was expanded by a number of persons. M. Dziekan and S. Szachno­Romanowicz, is Polish with only a few Polissian (or Belarusian) texts. It starts with two pages of incantations against all kinds of illnesses, followed by a page of notes on domestic affairs from the year 1881, prayers in different languages, description of the days of the month and then an expo­ sition of where the soul is present in the human body during the month. Interpretation of dreams is repeated a few times. A large part is devoted to planetny dualar, the text of which was edited by S.

Ycie Muzułmańskie was in a way a continuation of such interwar journals as Życie Tatarskie and Przegląd Islamski. It was published between 1985 and 1991, and was a re­ ligious as well as a cultural journal. In 1993 the publication of As­Salam, a Muslim social and cultural journal, was ini­ tiated. Until 2011, 23 issues have been published. The journal is linked at present to the Institute for the Study of Islam, related to the Muslim League in the Republic of Poland. In 2010 the same institute published the first number of Al­Haya (most prob­ ably meaning Life (al­hayat) and not Shame (al­haya’)), a Muslim magazine for women.

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