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Within the historic fable, Oedipus ceased to be king while he came upon his crimes. still, because the Renaissance, he has governed the dominion of the mind's eye. the 20th century starts with the Oedipus complicated in Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams and the facility of the Oedipus fantasy persisted to present itself in an incredible variety of inventive and highbrow work.

As a quantity within the Gods and Heroes sequence, this ebook explores a key determine in historic delusion incisively and accessibly, but with sufficient scholarly element to be an 'all-you-need-to-know' for reduce point classes, a platform for additional examine at a extra complicated point or as a reference booklet of key details for researchers/academics.

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Pelops then cursed Laius, as in the oracle just quoted. 2 Jocasta recalls the curse at the beginning of Euripides’ tragedy (17–20). The oracle received by Laius is often referred to, as by Jocasta in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King (711–14), though Sophocles says nothing about the rape. In the form of the oracle quoted here, Zeus backs up the curse, and curse and divine sanction are thus combined, just as with Oedipus’ curse on his sons and its presumptive backing by Zeus (cf. the two fragments of the Thebaid discussed in the preceding chapter).

In a fragment of a tragedy by Aeschylus, perhaps his Oedipus (but assigned to the category of “uncertain” by the most recent editor Radt [fr. 387a]), Oedipus killed Laius at Potniai, “Queens,” a town near Thebes named after Demeter and her daughter, Kore¯ (Paus. 1). The Erinyes were also worshipped there (Eur. Or. 317–18; cf. Phoen. 1124–25). Oedipus thus killed his father directly under the eyes of the deities who would be quickest to torment the perpetrator of such a crime, as the poet Pindar observes in a passage to be quoted below.

3 Bernabé = 3 Davies = fr. 4 Loeb). ENTER APOLLO Apollo appears for the first time as an agent in the Oedipus myth in the fragment of Stesichorus (sixth c. BC) quoted above. In the bestpreserved part of the fragment, a stretch of thirty-one lines, the mother of Polynices and Eteocles, addressing Teiresias, says, “May the lord Apollo, the far-worker, not bring to completion all of your prophecies” (209–10). Already, then, Teiresias has the close association with Apollo which he will have in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King.

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