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Dzogchen is the apotheosis of Tibetan Buddhism and Longchenpa is the pre-eminent grasp of Dzogchen and one among Tibet's maximum mystical poets. The verses of his Treasury of traditional Perfection (Gnas lugs mdzod) written within the fourteenth century surround and epitomize the unconventional precepts of Dzogchen whereas his auto-commentary elaborates their that means via a concise prose paraphrase and with illustrative quotations from the gathering of Tantras of the Ancients (Rnying ma rgyud 'bum). Transcending the Tibetan context, Longchenpa gives you a handbook of knowledge for everybody normally and exhibits why the western international has became to Tibet for its mystical idea over the past part century. This transmission of undying knowledge of the Ancients of Tibet may still take its position among the world's non secular classics. during the principle 'nonaction' - that is savoured like 'an previous guy basking within the solar' - Dzogchen teaches the typical perfection of all our adventure, and all our lives, simply because it is, with no want of any alteration. This self-discipline offers the most important not just to our internal enlightenment yet to the future health and survival of our planet.

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Nothing can be indicated as 'this' or 'that', and language cannot embrace it. In the super-matrix-unstructured, nameless, all experience of samsara and nirvana is resolved; in the super-matrix of unborn empty gnosis all distinct experiences of gnosis are resolved; in the super-matrix beyond knowledge and ignorance all experience of pure mind is resolved; in the super-matrix where there is no transition or change all experience, utterly empty, completely empty, is resolved. The fourth theme of The Treasury of Natural Perfection, showing conclusively that all experience is basic gnostic awareness alone, is concluded.

The spaciousness within and beyond the atiyoga precepts is a complete absence, nothing whatsoever, like the sky: in the very moment, in the natural disposition of pure being, as the original hyperspace that we cannot abandon, the natural state of pure pleasure is spontaneously arisen. If secret gnosis, the actual buddha-dynamic, eludes us, to attain release by any purposeful action is no option. 'Everything is impermanent and bound to perish'4 THE TREASURY OF NATURAL PERFECTION how can a tight mesh of body, speech and mind reach out to touch its own indestructible core?

In total presence, the nature of mind that is like the sky, where there is no duality, no distinction, no gradation, there is no view nor meditation nor commitment to observe, no diligent ideal conduct, no pristine awareness to unveil, 2 THE TREASURY OF NATURAL PERFECfiON no training in the stages and no path to tread, no subtle level of realization, and no final union. In the absence of judgement nothing is 'sacred' or 'profane', only a one-taste matrix, like the Golden Isle; the self-sprung nature of mind is like the sky, its nature an absence beyond all expression.

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