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The Buddhist university Madhyamika is without doubt one of the most crucial philosophical faculties in India. It used to be based by way of the nice philosopher Nagarjuna within the moment century A.D. His doctrine is based round the proposal of sunyata or Voidness which metaphorically designates absolutely the inexistence of an personal being of any substance latest in se et in keeping with se.

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Theory and practice. Cf. karikas 31,40 and 41. It is necessary to adequate moral action to philosophical theory. Stages in the path of knowledge: passage from ingenuous realism to the ' knowledge of the true nature of things' : their voidness of an own being. Cf. karika 30. There are three stages in the path that leads to true knowledge: ignorance and attachment, detachment without true knowledge and knowledge of voidness of an own being and consequent liberation: nirvii>Ja. Hermeneutic principle, nitortha texts and neyartha texts.

Conditionality, relativity, dependence, composedness which constitute the authentic nature of everything. A substance, something existing in se et per se or in other words 'with an own being (svabhiiva)'. , do not exist in se et per seas such; they are only a conglomerate of different pieces, threads, clay particles etc. The words 'car', 'doth', 'pot', etc. designate by human convention those conglomerates, giving the erroneous impression that they are unitary entities really existing. The world is only a collection of those conglomerates designated by conVentional denominations.

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