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By Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche

During this 3rd yr of our carrying on with research of Buddhist philosophy, we commence our learn of Madhyamaka, the center approach tuition. Madhyamaka is an immediate educating at the crucial nature, loose from all extremes. it may be divided into different types: actual truth Madhyamaka and note Madhyamaka. actual truth Madhyamaka is absolutely the, inexpressible nature-the mom of the entire positive Ones; notice Madhyamaka describes this absolute nature. The perform of real truth Madhyamaka is split into floor, direction and fruit, while be aware Madhyamaka is split into teachings and commentaries. The commentarial culture is characterised by means of Prasangika and Svatantrika Madhyamaka, and Svatantrika itself contains the Sautrantika and Yogachara Madhyamaka faculties. during this publication, the Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches use Shantarakshita's recognized Madhyamakalankara (The decoration of the center manner) and commentaries via Longchenpa and Mipham Rinpoche to discover Yogachara Madhyamaka. this practice is mostly linked to the "three nice masters of the east": Jnanagarbha, Shantarakshita, and Kamalashila.

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Even so, the two truths accurately describe the nature of reality. If we investigate reality on our own, trying to discover the essence of things by grasping on to objects as tangible-as things we can hold, touch, or feel-then the words of the Buddha appear to be false. We will say, "No, the two truths are not actually correct:' However, as we continue investigate and discover the essence of objects, we eventually come to the realization that there is really nothing to find. In this case, we will see that the Buddha's words are true and that reality is as he described it.

There are many Tibetan 62 Opening the WISdom Door ofthe Madhyamaka School synonyms for the word dzob, including nyingpo medpa [snying po med pa] and yamala [ya ma brla] . All these terms indicate that relative truth is not absolute-it is not the real truth. " Absolute truth is called paramartha-satya in Sanskrit. " As we have already seen, absolute truth is the undeluded realization of valid cognition; it is valid cognition of the true nature as it is. Hence, the term paramartha-satya signifies undeluded realization of the absolute nature of reality.

4. Error Four Finally, if the two truths were the same, why would we make the 56 Opening the Wisdom Door ofthe Madhyamaka School distinction between relative and absolute in the first place? What would be the purpose of creating two absolute truths? These four arguments are used to refute the view that relative and absolute truths are identical. Thus, we have to accept that the two truths are different. We will later use four similar points to refute the mistaken assumption that the two truths are completely separate.

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