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stable or falling water degrees, and allow differen­ tiation among slow and surprising transgression the extent of Lake Ontario was once lengthy assumed to of the coastline. Vegetational succession displays have risen at an exponentially reducing cost coastline transgression and extending water exclusively according to differential isostatic rebound intensity as upland species are changed by way of emergent of the St. Lawrence outlet because the Admiralty aquatic marsh species. If transgression maintains, part (or Early Lake Ontario) eleven 500 years B. P. those are in flip changed by means of floating and sub­ (Muller & Prest, 1985). fresh paintings shows merged aquatic species, mostly present in water that the Holocene water point heritage of Lake to four m intensity in Ontario lakes, lower than which there Ontario is extra advanced than the straightforward rebound is a pointy decline in species richness and biomass version indicates. Sutton et al. (1972) and (Crowder et al. , 1977). This intensity varies with Anderson & Lewis (1982, 1985) point out that actual limnological stipulations in each one basin. sessions of speeded up water point upward thrust by way of simply because aquatic pollen and plant macrofossils are transitority stabilization happened round 5000 to in the community deposited, an abundance of emergent 4000 B. P. The sped up water point upward push, referred to as aquatic fossils displays sedimentation within the littoral the 'Nipissing Flood', was once attributed to the cap­ region, the a part of the basin shallow sufficient to ture of higher nice Lakes drainage. aid rooted vegetation.

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Evidence for Lake Gunnison consists of geomorphic, stratigraphic, and radiocarbon data as discussed below. The Old River Bed threshold is a key geomorphic control on lakes in the Sevier Lake basin and therefore is described briefly here. The threshold is formed by alluvial fans and Quaternary lacustrine deposits on the sloping piedmonts of the Simpson Mountains and Keg Mountain, which converge to form a broad saddle about 90 km north of Sevier Lake (Fig. 2). Water discharging from the Sevier Lake basin carved a shallow trench along the lowest part ofthe saddle.

During this period, the bottom waters become oxygenated and nutrients are distributed throughout the lake. The lake stratifies in May and by mid summer the hypolimnion becomes anoxic. , mately north-south with a maximum length of 25 km, a width of 9 km and a surface area of approximately 150 km 2 (Fig. 1). The lake is supported by the Walker River whose discharge is largely derived from snowmelt in the Sierra Nevada. Without this river input, a dry playa would be present in the Walker basin under present climatic conditions (Rush, 1970).

1982) and the relative scarcity of diatoms in Walker Lake today may be due to its rising salinity. Ostracodes are small (ca. 1 mm), largely benthonic crustaceans with a bivalved calcareous carapace. They are common in the lake today and abundant in lake sediment cores and outctrops. The ostracode fauna provides information about environmental parameters near the sediment/ water interface such as temperature, salinity, solute composition, and oxygen content (Forester, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987). Limnocythere ceriotuberosa is the only abundant ostracode living on the lake sediment surface today.

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