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In a singular strategy that the writer phrases "symbolic paradigm analysis," Paradise and Paradigm deals a "theoretically modular" systematic comparability of 2 "Persian" religions: early Syriac Christianity because the origin of the East Syrian "Church of the East" (the Nestorian Church of Persia) and the Baha'i religion, a brand new global religion.The writer compares the hymns of the best poet of early Christianity, Saint Ephrem the Syrian, and the richly imagistic writings of the founding father of the Baha'i faith, Baha'u'llah.The ebook employs an unique analytic strategy within the construction of "symbolic profiles" built on Ninian Smart's dimensional version of religion.As dollar skillfully demonstrates, formal similarities among any religions are most sensible comprehended when it comes to paradigmatic modifications, which nuance all parallels via a technique of symbolic transformation.Buck additionally exhibits the communal reflexivity of paradise imagery in representing the correct faith-community in either traditions.

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Not every study will repay the investigator in this way. The chances of a comparative study contributing significantly to the advancement of knowledge within the discipline of the Study of Religion is, on the one hand, limited by the lack of consensus on comparative methodology itself, yet, on the other hand, favored by the relatively open and uncanonized state of scholarship on matters comparative. " Questions surrounding the role of comparison in the Study of Religion, as well as the methodology of comparison itself, have recently received renewed interest.

In Ortner's use of the term, a root metaphor is one in which "one can conceptualize the interrelationships among phenomena by analogy to the interrelations among the parts of the root metaphor (op. , 1341). ). A few words ought to be said about the term metaphor and how an understanding of metaphors in general might elucidate the role of root metaphors in particular. " Nonetheless, it is important to bear in mind what a metaphor is and what a metaphor does, as this does relate to an appreciation of the dynamics of thought-orienting root metaphors.

This is rightly so, according to Paden, as comparative research does not follow a set procedure. , 42). Concept formation necessarily derives from comparative work. , 44). What is new is the way in which similarities are nuanced. First of all, they are now considered aspectual, not essential. Similarity must attend to diverse local meanings and social functions. , 45). ). Beyond the categories themselves, there is the problem of explanation. Comparativism, under certain circumstances, can explain what history cannot.

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