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Passamaquoddy-Maliseet is an japanese Algonquian language, with approximately 500 audio system this day in Maine (USA) and New Brunswick (Canada). This caricature outlines the elemental positive factors of the language. Passamaquoddy-Maliseet has 5 vowel sounds and twelve consonants, with pitch and pressure additionally unique. phrases are composed of roots; a regular verb, for instance, comprises verbal, nominal, adjectival, and adverbial roots, in addition to quantity, annoying, and different grammatical markings. The stems and inflections of transitive verbs are differentiated by way of grammatical gender, animate or inanimate, in keeping with that of the direct item, whereas intransitive verbs agree in gender with the topic. different phrases contain nouns, pronouns and uninflected debris. specific gains of the language comprise the ordinary syncope of syllables containing unstressed schwa, using absentative varieties of nouns and verbs, the department of 3rd individuals into grammatical different types to point narrative concentration, the reanalysis of many participles as nouns, the marking of intransitive verbs to be used with direct items, and speaker-centred development of area and time.

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Sentences with One Verb Statements and questions with one verb occur using all verb modes. Word order is ~uite free (the negative particle always precedes the verb, but other words may mtervene: rna te Piyel wolitahasiw). 1. Independent Indicative komiwon or tollan 'it's raining' wolitahasu Piyel 'Peter is happy' rna te komiwonu, tollanu 'it isn't raining' rna te wolitahasiw P. 'P. isn' t happy' LW/M27 53 Passamaquoddy-Maliseet rna te luhkew P. 'P. doesn't work' Piyelluhke 'Peter works' rna te tolluhkew P.

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R . BIGALKE 60pp. 83 Papiamentu (Creole) S. KOUWENBERG & E. MURRAY 58pp 89 Warrwa (non-Pama-Nyung an) W. McGR EGOR 64pp. (Set Ill): 70pp 05 Ukrainian A. DANYLENKO & S. V AKULENKO 12 Even (Tungusic) A . L. MALCHUKOV 48pp. 21 Chadian Arabic S. ABU-ABSI 47pp. J. M . B. KOTZJl 62pp. 64 Dogon V. AN 47pp (Set IV): 18 Sanskrit D. -Y. A. KOZINTSEVA 52pp. N . ) SIIAIIIN 50pp 66 Bulgare] . FEKUILLET 75pp 100 Bare (Arawak) ALEXANDRA Y . AIKHENVALD 50pp 105 Romanes (Sinti) D. HOLZINGER 48pp (Set V): 10 Koiari (Papuan) T .

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