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8) There has been clear evidence of the effects of traffic on human exposure to lead in CEE. 2 percent in the Hungarian town of Sopron after traffic was re-directed reducing emissions in the city. 2 µg/dl) difference between the blood lead levels of children living in congested downtown areas and those living in the suburbs with less traffic in Budapest, indicating the impact of traffic-related exposures. This may have caused a more than 4 IQ points difference in the measurable intelligence of the two groups of children (assuming similar socioeconomic status and other conditions which also influence IQ measurements).

The first step should be reduction of the high maximum permitted concentrations of lead in gasoline to lower levels, while further steps should include a deadline and schedule for the total elimination of lead. Regulation of the lead content of gasoline may be combined with the revision of other gasoline specifications and regulations of vehicular emissions. CEE countries that applied for membership in the European Union (EU) have started to harmonize their environmental regulations with those of the EU.

EPA, 1985. 1). The growing recognition of the extreme toxicity of lead even at low levels of exposure and the role of traffic in elevated exposures of urban populations has directed policy makers' attention to measures to limit the use of lead additives in gasoline worldwide since the 1970-80s. 1). 4 million. 7 mg/m3. The mean blood lead level of the population was estimated at 6 mg/dl (Abt, 1996). 3). These measures led to significant reductions in vehicular lead emissions, improvements in ambient air quality, and declining human exposures.

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