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This ebook is the 1st in-depth research of the classical Athenian public sphere. It examines how public opinion used to be created by means of impromptu theatrics and by way of gossip, and the way it flowed into and out of the civic associations. Athenians didn't have hookah bars or espresso outlets yet they did socialize in symposia and gymnasia and workshops, and particularly within the Agora. those represented the Athenian 'street', an off-the-cuff political house that was once visible as qualitatively varied from the institutional house of the meeting, the council and the courts the place elite orators held sway. The publication explores how Athenians of all kinds, comparable to politicians, slaves and philosophers, sought to use the assets of the 'street' in pursuit in their goals.

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23. ”33 We also hear of a “women’s market” (Theoph. Char. 2. 9). This seems to have been the place to purchase things a woman might need, such as pots and pans (Pollux 10. 18, citing Menander), or specialized slaves (Theoph. Char. 22. 10). Slaves were also for sale in the so-called Anakeion (Dem. 45. 80), which was otherwise a shrine for the Dioscuri. 34 But the These testimonia and many others are collected by Wycherley in Agora 3: 184–206. We hear that it was sold in a stoa, though it is not certain which one (Ar.

3 That we do this, but should not, is the argument of Cammack 2013. She suggests that the courts are a better place to look to for understanding Athenian democracy. I privilege the Street over both. 2 See Thompson 1982; Forsén and Stanton 1996. 3 See Thompson and Scranton 1943. 1 26 Figure 2. Reconstruction of the Agora, looking southwest toward the port. Connolly included in his illustration a “racetrack” through the Triangle; more recent studies have doubted it existed (see Miller 1995: 216–18).

It was quite common in the fifth century for politicians to stage publicity stunts in order to shape sentiment or spark interest. The citizen-public would then carry that sentiment with them into the institutions, and with the aid of carefully chosen procedures it might lead to an institutional decision. This decision would then feed back into communal streams of discourse, bringing about the decision that the institution had enacted. Like their stunt See especially Finley 1983: 97–121.  Osborne 2000.

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