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So while we wait for all of these wires to be Bluetoothed and Wi-Fied into oblivion, it helps to know your plugs. — By Glenn Derene VGA is an analog video interface used for hooking up PC monitors. DRAWBACKS: For flat-panel monitors, a VGA connection requires that your PC’s video output be converted from digital to analog. VGA Video Composite Video Invented by RCA in the 1930s, these “phono” connectors are commonly used in pairs to carry stereo sound. DRAWBACKS: Dual-plug format can’t carry digital multichannel sound.

Today, a set number of channels are sent out over the airwaves or down a dedicated pipeline to everyone at the same time, letting each viewer tune in on their TV or set-top box at home. IPTV, however, uses the Internet to stream both live and stored content that is requested by each user individually. com, allowing viewers to watch channels from all over the world. IPTV also promises to do for television what podcasts have done for radio— namely, allow thousands of people to produce and air their own independent television programs.

Height ---------------------438 sq. in. —but from personal experience, I can tell you that OS X on homebuilt PC hardware comes with problems, such as missing drivers and application incompatibilities. Those are the very problems people are trying to escape by moving to the Mac. Instant Gratification Q I’ve noticed that many new cellphones have both text messaging and instant messaging functionality. Does that mean I can use my phone to send instant messages to computers? A Yes. Having that functionality means you can send instant messages to computers as well as to other mobile devices.

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