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And there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of those bands. We weren’t necessarily hanging out with those guys, at all. A. area, but we were not hanging out. I mean, there were times where we would go and hang and watch a band like Ratt or something, and just go, ‘Wow, they’ve got a lot of gear,’ you know [laughs]. ’ But that was pretty much it. But you know, they influenced us a lot, in the sense that we don’t want to do that. They inspired us with . . ” Hetfield had much reason to be angry, the preposterousness of hair metal aside.

I have this vision and picture of, like, standing outside the studio door ringing the doorbell for half an hour, and we knew they were in there. It was kind of like fucked up. When it’s your first record, I mean, you’re just so proud and you’re so psyched. I mean, now it’s almost commonplace with all the independent labels and everything to put records out. That thing is not special now, but back then it was a lot rarer to actually put a fucking record out. ” Frank White collection “Mechanix” would reemerge on Mustaine’s first record after his Metallica ousting, Megadeth’s Killing Is My Business .

Totally. A combination of power and melody. Before I joined the band, I went to school and college and tried to be a vocalist, where it was all about trying to be melodic, to have melody. And then when I got turned onto Metallica, Exodus, all of that, the whole style changed from not just being melodic through the whole thing, but having power with melody. So for me, that was right up my alley. . ,” adds Ron Quintana, who came up with the name Metallica. Quintana and Ulrich had been pondering whether he should call his new fanzine Metallica or Metal Mania.

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