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By Chiara Gualandi

The improvement and alertness of bioactive nano-structured constructs for tissue regeneration is the focal point of the learn summarised during this thesis. additionally, a selected concentration is the rational use of supercritical carbon dioxide foaming and electrospinning applied sciences which may end up in cutting edge polymeric bioresorbable scaffolds made up of hydrolysable (both advertisement and ‘ad-hoc’ synthesized) polyesters. mostly, the writer discusses the manipulation of polymer chemical constitution and composition to song scaffold actual homes, and optimization of scaffold 3D structure by means of a wise use of either fabrication strategies. The multidisciplinary nature of this examine is significant in pursuing the problem of tissue regeneration effectively. one of many strengths of this thesis is the mixing of data from chemistry, physics, engineering, fabrics technology and biomedical technology which has contributed to constructing new nationwide and overseas collaborations, whereas strengthening latest ones.

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