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The method of institutional reform is sort of advanced. such a lot international locations adopt the categories of primary institutional reforms that shift barriers among the private and non-private sectors lower than as soon as in every one new release. The "Port Reform Toolkit" deals history details, in addition to concrete examples and particular instruments and strategies that may be used to make potent, sustainable reforms of public associations. It brings jointly sensible institutional designs and transferable modalities for expanding inner most quarter involvement with no compromising the general public curiosity. The CD-ROM is made from 8 modules together with "Framework for Port Reform", "Legal instruments for Port Reform", "Financial Implications of Port Reform" and "Implementing Port Reform".

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92 Future Growth in Vertical Trade The authors conclude "the nature of trade has changed to the point where countries increasingly specialize in producing particular stages of a good, rather than making a complete good from start to finish. This vertical trade is also what links heightened international trade to greater international production. In all likelihood, the forces that have led to increased vertical trade — lower trade barriers and improvements in transportation and communications technologies — will continue.

Jeddah — This port now largely services the Saudi market and only 20 percent of the containers through the port are for transshipment. However, the proposed rail land bridge to Dammam could enable the port to function as a load center for the Arabian Gulf market. The investment in infrastructure is substantial and major hurdles are in the way, particularly establishing a process for allowing transit containers to move freely across the country without regard to contents. But if the rail investment is made and the hurdles resolved, Jeddah could be a major contender for traffic to and from the AG.

Even more competition has been created among service providers in Hong Kong, where three container terminal operators compete with each other and a variety of other service providers compete for business within the port. In Buenos Aires, the geographical layout of the port and available traffic volumes ultimately enables not more than three terminal operators to compete. Regional port capacity and demand — An imbalance of port capacity within a region will influence the level of rivalry between ports.

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