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"Belief in reincarnation is without doubt one of the maximum cultural modifications among japanese and Western notion. during this essay-published because the first of a brand new sequence of knowledge booklets-Martin Wilson offers arguments-devotional, scriptural, observational, logical, and scientific-for and opposed to rebirth. This soaking up article is a wonderful place to begin, with its multiple hundred references for Westerners attracted to delving into this arguable topic. (From book's cover).

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I cannot look in any direction for help for my tortured soul.... The tortures and sufferings know no end ... no end ... no end.... 110 She then lived many lives as a woman before at last, in her present life, she regained the realisations she had lost. In Buddhist terminology this would be a pratyeka-naraka, an individual hell. Joan Grant111 has described a "visit" to the Caverns of the Underworld, which was part of her initiation in pt Dynasty Egypt. " A former Peruvian priest who had slain thousands in human sacrifice feels his heart being torn out again and again, his torturer being but a vision of himself.

If any of them is absent, they are unfit; if one cause is incomplete, that result cannot arise. (LG 21) P3': Conversely, if the collection of causes is complete, the result must be produced. (LG 56-57) P4: The complete collection of causes of any result includes (1) the substantial cause (upadana) and (2) co-operative conditions. "Substantial cause of result R" means "That which leaves 36 Rebirth and the Western Buddhist that outcome in the manner of passing into the nature of result R, from itself changing into the other nature" (LG 87).

Ways of breathing, digesting food, & so on, also differ from species to species. The facts are consistent with genetic inheritance of these behaviour patterns and inconsis1ent with the "habit" explanation. That a mechanistic explanation of breathing etc. " From Schrodinger's argument, we can also see why karma in general is so profound and hard to understand. To understand the interaction process and its physical aspect involves understanding both the ultimate and conventional truths, from the Cittamatrin viewpoint; and to understand these simultaneously is something only a Buddha can do.

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