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Preface.- Introduction.- The Human Face.- Modeling and Prediction.- facts Collection.- Face Representation.- Face Recognition.- Face in A Crowd.- 3D.- facts Fusion.- Denial and Deception.- Augmented Cognition.- functionality Evaluation.- mistakes Analysis.- protection and Privacy.- e-Science and Computing.- Epilogue.- References.- Index. Endorsements by way of: Ruud Bolle (IBM), John Daugman (Cambridge collage, UK), David Zhang (Hong Kong Polytechnic college, China), Stan Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Tom Huang (University of Illinois, united states)

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The goal of inference is to approximate functional dependencies that are defined by a small number of parameters and limited by a Gaussian stochastic component (under the Central Limit Theorem) (Vapnik, 1998). , priors, an obvious drawback. 12) where P(model), P(modelldata), and P(datalmodel) are p(w), P(Xlw), and p(wIX), and correspond to the a priori probability of the model (before the data is seen), the a posteriori probability for the specific model (after the data is seen), and the probability that the data are generated by the model specified (and referred to as likelihood), respectively.

Expectations and purpose drive the way human faces are processed and interpreted. Early 20th century arts are ripe with bold imagination. com 34 The Human Face Fig. 6. com) (courtesy of Shaun Wourm). " Published in 1928, Andre Breton's Surrealism and Painting, is considered the manifesto on Surrealism. , Mae West (Face of Mae West Which Can Be Used as an Apartment). " Slave Market with Invisible Bust of Voltaire painted also by Dali illustrates the same point. The faces of two figures dressed in black make up the eyes of Voltaire and the sky stands for his head.

The healthy average, and the distinctive, or exotic. Perrett et al. (1994) have shown that the average of highly attractive faces is more attractive than the average of the original set the attractive faces were drawn from. Attractiveness increases further when the differences between the average of most attractive faces and the population average are emphasized. Patnaik et al. (1993) refer to Cunningham (1986) to detail the anatomy of "a beautiful face and smile" in terms of form, size, (smooth) texture, and pigmentation.

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