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This cutting edge research proves to the center of faith, analyzing concerns from the origins of spiritual trust to existence after dying.

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This ‘more’ must, they insist, be taken very seriously indeed. Furthermore, proponents of the perennial philosophy could claim that they take very seriously commitment to Buddhism, Islam, Christianity or whatever is their spiritual home, and indeed may argue that it is more approximate to the demands and even nature of the Absolute than are others of its manifestations. Yet they maintain that an understanding of the eternal Absolute is a healthy corrective to our myopic obsession with the demands of the present and the particular.

At one level, he sounded the death-knell of this quest. In his Australian Religions (1973), he wrote that: Western scholarship spent almost a century in working out a number of hypothetical reconstructions of the ‘origin and development’ of primitive religions. Sooner or later, all these labours became obsolete, and today they are relevant only for the history of the Western mind. xv) Yet at another level, his own views were dependent upon a somewhat romantic theory of origins. ’ He interpreted religion as the manifestation of ‘Being’.

We have established that religion is deeply rooted in human history and prehistory. What, however, is the link between religion and the religions? Are religions simply culturally appropriate ways in which religion expresses itself? On this view, Hinduism is the natural religion of India, Confucianism of China, and so on. There is some truth in this notion but it is easy to see its drawbacks. The expulsion of Hindus from that village when Pakistan was created out of British India as a homeland for Muslims shows how easily religious sensibilities can be exploited to emphasise differences, to the point of rejection and even destruction.

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