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To the best of our knowledge, there has not been any debate on population poliey in Albania, either in politieal or teehnieal eireles. The least eontroversial demographie poliey issue, that of redueing mortality, is implieit in the health and soeial polieies of the nine eountries. Compulsory health insuranee for all or part of the population and the development of health EVOLVING POPULATION POLIeIES 33 serviees and faei1ities aim at the improvement of national hea1th and imp1y that a dee1ine in morta1ity is a po1iey goal, but speeifie targets are rare1y stated regarding morta1ity reduetion and its speeifie features.

_ _ ~. •.... 64 66 !. • ... ~ .. 70 .. J" e. 72 ,/ r. 74 .. 76 . -.. 1·_.......... ..... ~ ···Romania . ;. I Bulgaria --Czechoslovakia - Birthrates Associated with De1ibera1ization of Abortion plus Deliberate Pronata1ist Po1icies in Bu1garia, Czechos1ovakia, and Romania, 1948-1979 r- T-r-r-lu'-u'----. q- Source: 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 INTRODUCTION AND DEMOGRAPHIe TRENDS 19 Moreover, the Western and Northern European countries experieneed an extraordinary proeess of rapid fertility deeline during the ear1y and mid-1970s, mueh like that whieh oeeurred in Eastern Europe a deeade or more earlier (Wander, 1978; Finkle &MeIntosh, 1980; Otten, 1979; MeIntyre, 1980a), but this time with abortion liberalization as an unlikely explanatory force.

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