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By Kristyne Czepuryk

A is for angel, B is for baseball, and C is for cupcake! sew up plenty of lovely initiatives from A to Z with those units of alphabet-themed embroidery styles for little boys and girls. tasks comprise quilts, pillows, delicate blocks, and wall artwork for the nursery to assist your young children examine the alphabet, or simply to cause them to smile. Kristyne Czepuryk’s new designs are splendidly special, but effortless to aim with any ability point. examine easy stitches and suggestions for combining floss and materials, plus get rules for embroidering on garments and different store-bought goods, too.

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The ribbon wrapping underneath the box looks more realistic because it is not perfectly lined up with the bottom edge of the box. And by extending the ribbon tails beyond the box, even more depth is created. 1” Pink, dark LD & OS Pink, medium OS 56 S is for Stitch H is for Hat Color plays an important role here. Stitching the hat in yellow is a clear reference to straw, a favorite material for summer bonnets. The open lazy daisy stitches along the bottom are very delicate, but they create a pretty lace trim.

Mark a diagonal line from corner to corner and stitch on the line. Check that you’ve done it correctly and that the binding fits the quilt; then trim the seam allowance to 1/4˝. Press open. Stitch ends of binding diagonally. Refold the binding and stitch this binding section in place on the quilt. Fold the binding over the raw edges to the quilt back and hand stitch. 4 meters) of assorted prints or a 9˝ square each of 30 different prints NOTE Mix and match the embroidery designs from this project with the designs from … And Puppy Dog Tails (beginning on page 80) to customize the quilt for your special child.

If you plan to machine quilt, pin baste the quilt layers together with safety pins placed about 3˝–4˝ apart. Baste vertical and then horizontal rows, working from the center out to the edges. Try not to pin directly where you intend to quilt. If you plan to hand quilt, baste the layers together with thread using a long needle and light-colored thread. Knot one end of the thread. Using stitches approximately the length of the needle, baste vertical and then horizontal rows about 4˝ apart, working from the center out to the edges.

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