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By Taiko Yamasaki, Yasuyoshi Morimoto, David Kidd, Richard Peterson, Cynthia Peterson, Carmen Blacker

approximately This e-book: Shingon -- the Tantric Buddism of Japan -- teaches that's is feasible to realize buddhahood instantly, during this very existence, through appearing convinced practices of physique, speech, and brain. for hundreds of years those esoteric teachings have been stored mystery, have been by no means written, and have been published in simple terms to initiates. notwithstanding, within the 1940's Shingon doctrine and perform started to be released in Japan for the 1st time.

this can be the 1st accomplished research of Shingon to seem in any Western language. This ebook tells the historical past of Shingon. It discusses the metaphysics of Shingon, Shingon scripture, and the whole variety of Shingon practices and excercises, together with mudras, incantations, and visualizations.

booklet information: alternate paperback, 244 pp, b &w illustrations, finish Notes, Appendix, Index.

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