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By Antonio Santosuosso

In this entire evaluation of historical conflict, Antonio Santosuosso explores how the tactical and strategic suggestions of war replaced among the start of the 5th century b.c. and the center of the second one century b.c. and why the West—Greece, Macedonia, and Rome—triumphed over the East—understood geographically as Persia or ideologically as Carthage. He additionally exhibits how the function of warrior relating to the function of citizen and the way the symbols and propaganda stemming from warfare emphasised and promoted the values of Western societies.When contemplating the evolving position of the citizen as warrior, Santosuosso reveals that those roles have been indistinguishable from one another within the prior phases of classical Greece. The Peloponnesian battle, in spite of the fact that, challenged the program through introducing new military kinds, similar to mercenaries, peltasts, and light-weight infantry. quickly after, Macedonia brought the cavalry, thrusting it, in addition to heavy infantry, right into a position of prominence and diminishing the complementary roles of citizen and warrior normal of past instances. Later, the appearance of the Roman legion persisted this evolution, changing back where of the citizen in historic society.Rich in research, Soldiers, electorate, and the Symbols of War is a priceless and obtainable resource for college kids of historical struggle and classical society and offers thorough assurance of the most important battles of antiquity—Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis, Plataea, Sphacteria, Leuctra, Granicus, Issus, Gaugamela, Synoscephalae, Pydna, Trebia, Cannae, Ilipa, and Zama.

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Were the war parry defeated, Athens wotlld be forced to accept the Perslans as overlords, and the old t y r ~ ~ n n party ~c~~l would triumph over the dernocrattc values of the rntddle classes of soctety and thus of the hoplites. The counc~lseems to have beer1 equally divided on t h ~ ~ssue, s so the vote ot the polem,~rchcould have Ineant victory e~therfor those who wanted to srt and walt or for the others who recogni~edthat confrontat~onwas ~nevitable,either sooner or later. The deciston rested w ~ t hCalilmachus.

1 450 1 3 . L about 40 ye'trs after the great battle, and who seems to have been one of the few tntellectuals uneasy about the warlike tendencies of- his society, could not help but express the same sense of wo~lderwhen dealing wlth Maratho11. The veterans "who a t Marathon fought with the Medes, for Athens and Hellas contetid~ng,/ and won the great battle . . (:. x 111 Asia Mtnor, the Perslans h,ad come 111to contitct wlth Greek culture, for Greek colonists had founded inost of the crties of Ionia, the name given to a region on the western shores of modern 'Turkey.

Rut the d i m ~ n ~ s h erole d of the cavalry also reflected the rnore egalttartan social pr~nciplesot rlie l~opllte era. First, '1s ment~oned,only the kery rich could buy ,111d keep horses. Second, the cavalry could receive the glum job of all the fighting by elilnlnating the fleeing enemy or by a flank or rear action. For t h ~ to s be acceptable, not only ~ n i l ~ t a rthlnk~ng y but also S O C I ~~I S S U I ~ ~ ~ I hdd O I I Sto c11'1nge. T h ~ h'lps pened with the Macedonlans of Philtp 11, a king surrounded by his arlsto- 20 Close Arrrry nvzd Pointed Specrrs cratlc Companions.

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