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By J. S. Blakemore

Now to be had in paperback, reliable country Physics is designed to function a primary textual content for a path at the physics of solids. up-to-date to mirror fresh paintings within the box, this e-book emphasizes crystalline solids, going from the crystal lattice to the information of reciprocal area and Brillouin zones, and develops those rules for lattice vibrations, for the idea of metals, and for semiconductors. The subject matter of lattice periodicity and its various outcomes runs via 80 percentage of the ebook. different sections care for significant facets of strong country physics managed via different phenomena: super-conductivity, dielectric and magnetic homes, and magnetic resonance. The e-book doesn't require a proper wisdom of quantum mechanics, and comprises over a hundred difficulties of various size and trouble. it's going to even be worthwhile to chemists, fabric scientists, and electric engineers who want an creation to the topic for self learn.

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It is a selection of lectures through eleven lively researchers, popular experts in a few sleek, promising, dynamically-developing learn instructions in condensed matter/solid nation concept. The lectures are all for phenomena, fabrics and ideas, discussing theoretical and experimental gains, in addition to with equipment of calculation.

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D. Watson, The Double Helix (Athaneum, 1968), while the current state of knowledge of nucleic acids is reviewed by J. H. Spencer, The Physics and Chemistry of DNA and RNA (W. B. Saunders, 1972). 1 FORMS OF INTERATOMIC BINDING division, but the "zipped up" complete DNA molecule has rigidity and can crystallize in forms which yield clear X-ray diffraction photographs. THE METALLIC BOND Metallic structures are typically rather empty (having large internuclear spacings) and prefer lattice arrangements in which each atom has many nearest neighbors.

Gold, Symmetry in the Solid State (W. A. Benjamin, 1964), and by G. F. Koster, Space Groups and Their Representations (Academic Press, 1964). These books also indicate consequences of lattice symmetries in the electronic and other properties, formulated in group theory terminology. 2 SYMMETRY OPERATIONS group theory are desirable for an exhaustive study of crystallography. However, it is not necessary for us to use this algebraic notation in order to gain some idea of the physically realizable symmetry operations.

Several aspects of this topic are treated in an interesting way in Chapter 5 of Nussbaum, Semiconductor Device Physics (Prentice-Hall, 1962). 21 35 36 CRYSTALLINITY AND THE FORM OF SOLIDS is compatible with one and only one of the seven crystal systems. Of the 32, two can be associated with triclinic lattices, three with monoclinic, three with orthorhombic, seven with tetragonal, five with cubic, five with trigonal, and the remaining seven with hexagonal lattices. A straightforward application of these 32 point groups to the appropriate Bravais lattices yields 73 "simple" three-dimensional space groups.

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