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By Coleman S. Charlton, Cory Magel, Eliott Willhite

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Anti-Channels I — Cancels a Channels I spell being transmitted or received within the range. Note that the Channels I spell gets no RR. 4. Neutralize Curse I — [RR Mod: -20] Nullifies a curse for the duration of this spell. The curse is not dispelled and takes effect after the duration of this spell ends. 5. Anti-Channels III — As Anti-Channels I, except affects to a Channels III. 6. Repel Undead IX — As Repel Undead V, except 9 points of Undead may be affected. 7. Remove Curse — Dispels a curse if the curse fails an RR.

30. Healing True — As Healing I, except heals all concussion damage. 50. Laying on Hands True — Caster can use any lower level spell on this list once per round.

Lifegiving V — As Lifegiving I, except a modification of -1 for every two days dead is applied to the target’s roll and there is no recovery period. 30. Restoration True — As Restoration, except that target’s mind is fully restored (including experience). 50. Lifegiving True — As Lifegiving, except target is automatically raised from the dead and there is no recovery period. 1 (p. 75) for more on soul damage and the effects of death. PROTECTIONS 1. Prayer I — Target gets a special bonus of +5 to his resistance rolls and maneuver rolls.

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